About Us

We at Computek Datahub,

help organisations reduce the inefficiencies, risks and costs associated with managing their information. Our information management services will enable your organisation to protect and optimise its information, optimise your business and help with your compliance requirements.

We currently safeguard and provide access to more than 400+ clients Wholesalers, Retailers & Pharma Co's. through out the nation along their business data and the list is growing fast. With highly secure facilities, vetted personnel and an unbroken chain of custody, our standards mean your remote information is always in safe hands.

Our Advantages


Redundancy Elimination

Redundancy is bound to happen if every functional department or customer maintains specific data/information. One of the most important master data benefits at Computek Datahub is that it removes data redundancy and makes it centrally located with complete coherence and specifics.



Increased Usability and Business Efficiency

As Computek Datahub makes it easier to use data for most business operations, it increases operational and business efficiency and you will end up with more happy customers.



Useful and Effective Data Analysis

Similar, redundant, un-coherent and unrelated data can only give half the benefits; or even worst, wrong data analysis, which may prove fatal for businesses. Through Computek Datahub, we can get smart and decision-enabling data analysis, which is crucial.



Access Based On Roles

It becomes easier to grant access rights based on an individual's job/role on master data. This ensures that only specific information is provided to an individual based on the functional requirements.



Authoritative Data

As Computek Datahub acts as a key data source it tends to become more authoritative and acts as a reliable basis of information for all kinds of business operations.



Data Consistency

Computek Datahub guarantees consistency of data, which makes working with it easier as it prunes confusion, redundancy and creates easier and consistent workflow.




Data flexibility is greater in Computek Datahub as against other data management techniques; as data storage, changes, availability, and usage are easier to manage.



Easy Backup/Download

As you are dealing with centralized data sources in Computek it is easier to take backups or download, which is extremely helpful during disaster management or loss of data due to corrupt storage source.



Master Data Edits

A major issue while maintaining multiple data records is that a change made to data at one location remains isolated, and doesn't reflect at other place. This leads to data discrepancies which may result in major business and customer relation catastrophes. Computek Datahub enables master edits or changes that update related record or information at every single location, ensuring data consistency.



Data Security

Managing data while protecting your business-critical information is a top concern amongst our clients. When is the last time you tested a backup or restore? How secure is your data? Does your organization adhere to data archive, retention, and compliance policies? At Computek Security solutions help tackle the spiraling complexity of managing your IT environment.



Data Sharing

Computek data repositories and experienced programming staff facilitate creation and export of data into different formats. Upon request, data dumps can be created in requested formats for sharing with other informatics systems. In addition, data stored in a single location is accessible by multiple user panels with tightly managed viewing privileges.


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Disaster Recovery

Computek data repositories are backed up on a regular basis and can be restored in case of server failure or occurrence of natural disasters. Hardware redundancy is also maintained at both the server and the infrastructure levels. This, along with professional server management, insures that a greater than 99% system uptime is maintained.